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Welcome to The Fairies Toadstool
Fairy Tea Parties

Deluxe Fairy Tea Party 4 - 6 year old

Fairy Flutters Fairy Grotto will include:

  • Magical Fairy Grotto filled with Fairies, Butterflies, Flowers and lots of Fairy Dust
  • Birthday Toadstools for each guest
  • Special Fairy Birthday Chair for the Birthday Girl
  • Music
  • Fairy Flutter to entertain for 2 hours
  • Photos and Cake cutting
  • Gourmet Fairy Tea Party Cookies
  • Special Fairy Pink Tea

Activities Include:

  • Fairy Makeup and Hair Glitter
  • Fairy Tattoos
  • Personlised Fairy Dust making
  • Birthday Fairy Dance with Bubbles
  • Fairy Craft
  • Birthday Girl Ceremony & Fairy wish
  • Sleeping Fairy Party Game
  • Pin the Fairy on the Tree Party Game or Fairy Bowling
  • Tooth Fairy Coin Hunt

Birthday Girl will receive:

  • Tooth Fairy Coins
  • Gourmet Fairy Tea Party Cookie
  • Birthday Gift
  • Fairy Wand
  • Fairy Gift Bag
  • Personlised Fairy Dust
  • Birthday Ceremony & Fairy Wish
  • Lollies
  • Special Pink Fairy Tea
  • Fairy Craft Keepsake

Each Guest will receive:

  • Fairy Gift Bag
  • Gourmet Fairy Tea Party Cookie
  • Lollies
  • Tooth Fairy Coins
  • Personlised Fairy Dust
  • Fairy Wand
  • Special Pink Fairy Tea
  • Fairy Craft Keepsake

Quality Fairy prizes will be included for the winner of the Party Games.

TOTAL COST $420.00 inclusive (Maximum 8 children including the Party Girl)
TOTAL COST $500.00 inclusive (Maximum 12 children including the Party Girl)

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